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Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander

La casa Presents Furnishings from Theodore Alexander
A brand known for quality and excellence

At Theodore Alexander, clients are guaranteed an offering of time-honoured English craftsmanship. Every piece of luxury furniture speaks to a rich legacy that the brand taps into to develop beautiful yet functional collections. They are well known not just for the fine quality of their workmanship, but also the vibrant palette they utilize in making their selection a feast for the eyes.

The brand’s creativity is well-evidenced by the wide variety of timeless and elegant pieces they offer, making it easy to match them to whatever style end-users are inclined towards. They offer choices that include classic, modern, and eclectic. The high quality of materials and craftsmanship has resulted in some of the most stylish and durable high-end furniture to have come out of South East Asia. At La casa, we are proud to partner with Theodore Alexander in delivering high-end furniture and accessories to our clients.

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