About Lacasa International | Luxury Furniture Store

About Us

Here at La Casa, we pride ourselves in being able to make exclusive luxury furnishings more accessible to the broader Thai market. We work with our clients to identify and source furniture items that make for unique yet delightful presentations. For years, we have provided a bespoke and refined service that ensures our clients are well-satisfied and inclined to keep returning to us for more.

Our story began with a vision: a dream our founders had about making high quality and elegant luxury furniture, here in Thailand. We wanted to offer high-quality products suited to superior interior design styles and creating a design aesthetic that uniquely distinguishes us as a brand. We wanted the first name on any lips to be ‘La Casa’ when one thought of at-home-opulence.

In 1993, our founders set out to change the way we 'do' interior decor in Thailand… and what we created, as a result, led to the birth of one of the leading luxury furniture showrooms in the country – supplying a wide variety of furniture, lighting, and other home décor items to clients looking for what will make them stand out from the rest.

Adding A Touch of Class The La Casa Specialty.

We spent the next twenty-five years curating furniture brands and products that surpass the standard quality of home furnishing. Our focus is always on quality, making sure that every piece is perfected before it leaves our hands. We want clients to know that they will receive nothing but the best possible end-product when they come to us.

Over the years we have gone on to provide furniture to some of the most notable establishments and homes in Thailand. We have helped create beautiful living spaces through the supply of unique and skillfully crafted furniture pieces. Whatever the interior design ideas our clients have been inspired to pursue, we have helped make them a reality. We have since grown our collections extensively, offering an array of products, all of which carry the La Casa seal of quality approval.

It’s About More Than Just Furniture

In our effort to meet the high standards of customer satisfaction we wanted to achieve, we here at La Casa expanded our product list to include specialist services that added better value to the interior design needs of our clients.

A quarter of a century later and our services now include:

  • Full fitting of furniture, fixings, and any other hardware
  • Site surveys for those who want to improve their space
  • A consultation service which helps you determine best practice for your home
  • Interior architecture for renovators – and many other services

These new services have made us a market leader in the supply of high-end, quality furnishings. Whether it is a big or small interior design project you are working on, we can help you find just what you need to bring luxury living into the core of your theme. Our team is always at the ready to lead you to those special furniture designs that will make your property stand out from the crowd.