Buying living room furniture is for most people a medium to long term investment. You likely expect it to not only look good, but also serve you, your family, and guests comfortably for a long while. This makes it a purchase that should be carefully considered and executed. Let’s look at some of the key considerations that should guide your choice of a luxury sofa. Measure Your Space It is important to check on the dimensions of the room and the space that will accommodate your luxury chair. Taking floor measurements is a good way to ensure that the furniture will fit comfortably in the room without taking up too much or too little space. When you shop for your luxury sofa, check on these measurements. If you do not find a readymade piece that fits, opt to have it tailor-made. More on what to consider when having your furniture customized. If the sofa is to be made regular use of, such as for the family to gather together, ensure you pick a size or set that accommodates that number of people. Factor in whatever other furniture that is already in the space, or that you intend to later add. There should be enough spacing in between to allow you to comfortably move around. Also, consider entranceways for delivering furniture. If you lack a large opening, take measurements of the doorway you will use to avoid damaging the furniture. Complement Existing Style Unless you are interested in an eclectic contrasting theme, you will need to consider the existing style of furniture and furnishings in the room. Most living areas will have other furniture such as coffee tables, floor lamps, credenzas, and display cases. There will also likely be furnishings such as curtains and carpets. There are general styles of furniture such as traditional and modern. You should ideally pick the style that is already in use in the room to avoid awkward contrasts. Be sure to factor in not just style, but also colors and fabrics. The colors need not match exactly, but whatever tone or pattern you choose for your luxury chair should complement the rest of the space. Always ask for swatches or fabric samples that you can carry home and test out in the room. Best Value for Your Money As mentioned, a luxury sofa is something that is meant to provide long service. Even in the high-end market, there is the expectation that such furniture should provide excellent value for money. This is delivered through the use of the best materials and quality craftsmanship. For instance, when looking to purchase wood furniture, the best option is made of solid wood. Cheaper veneers and particle board may sometimes look decent enough but often cannot withstand the test of time. If your budget for a luxury sofa does not stretch as far as you would like, consider waiting for sale periods. Or simply wait a bit longer as you save up to your target. Consider Your Lifestyle The manner in which you live your life does have bearing on furniture choice. For those with small children and pets that run around and play in the home, careful consideration should be given to material choice. Leather is a hardy material that is easy to keep clean and copes well with rough handling. If you prefer fabrics, then linen or tweed would likely make good options for your luxury sofa. Lighter colored fabrics require high maintenance to keep them in good condition, so again, consider what kind of exposure there is. Find out from the supplier the care and maintenance required for the luxury sofa you are considering. This will help you understand what will be required to keep your furniture in pristine shape. Aim For Durability Durable construction is important in ensuring your luxury chair remains comfortable for the longest duration. With quality materials and good workmanship, you should be able to enjoy many years of comfortable seating. Here is a short guide on what aspects of construction you should pay attention to, more so when you opt for custom made pieces. What To Know About Sofa Construction Frame – a sturdy frame is absolutely necessary. Pick wood choices that are durable like ash, oak, or teak. Hardwoods last much longer but pay attention to the coloring. While oak is a good choice, it also yellows with time while red oak retains a darker tone. Joinery – your furniture maker should have artisans knowledgeable in the art of joinery. This refers to how different parts of the frame are brought together through interlocking. Avoid anything that is focused on the use of glues and nails to hold your furniture together. The main work should be through the use of techniques such as corner blocks, wooden dowels, and metal screws with brackets. Eight-Way Hand-Tied Springs – these offer superior support and comfort. While serpentine springs can be an acceptable alternative, they do not last as long as eight-way hand-tied springs. Be sure to test out the luxury sofa to get a feel of the springs. They should provide firm support without much give when you sit down. Padding – the frame of a luxury chair or sofa should be well-padded all around. You should not be able to feel the corners. Run your hand all around the seat, ensuring a smooth surface without a feel of the edges. High resilient foam with a down and feather combo is an excellent choice for a luxury sofa that is very comfortable and long-lasting.