Scientific studies have proven that family dinners can improve academic performance, reduce depression risk, enhance self-esteem, lower obesity rates, and even prevent eating disorders. The time spent around the dining room table is vital for the development of your children.


You can understand why choosing the right dining room table is so essential! It’s not a decision you to rush, but one that should be well thought over and considered before you make the purchase.


Here're 4 things that you need to know about choosing the perfect dining table:

1. Size matters. The dining room table should be no less than 36″ wide. This width will accommodate people, place settings, and the food in the middle of the table. The length of the table will depend on the number of seats.

2. Cleaning area, select the right clearance. Before buying the dining room table, measure the space to find the right fit. You need anywhere from 42 to 48 inches of clearance between the table and your walls and furniture in order for you to comfortably sit and move around the dining room. Measure the dining room space to find out how large of a table you can fit.

3. Area of use, go to more space. If you have a too-small dining room table, you could end up bumping elbows, knocking over glasses, or having problems eating comfortably. If given the choice, always opt for more elbow room—preferably 2 feet of table space per person. Putting a bit of space between your kids can help to reduce disputes and make it easier to focus on their table manners.

4. Shape is important, evaluate whether your table has to be square, round, or rectangular. 

Rectangular tables are the standard, as they have a “head of the table” and work in rectangular-shaped dining rooms. The table sizes range from 4 feet long (which seats four people) to 10 feet long (which seats twelve people).  


If you have a smaller dining space, round tables may be a better option. They fit into tight spaces, have no corners, and can accommodate more people.


Square dining room tables are designed for square dining rooms. The equidistant spacing leads to a more intimate dining experience. You can find square tables for up to 8 people, though the average is a four-person table.


When checking out our table and dining room chairs sale, consider the above-listed things. Think about the table that works best for your space, your meal habits, and your family. Find the size, shape, and number of settings that will help you enjoy the time spent around the table, sharing stories, memories, and laughter with your loved ones.


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