Home is the place where we spend most of our time, gather with family and friends, rest, and enjoy complete freedom. That is why it is very important to decorate it according to your own taste and style with the furniture that will highlight its best features and make the hours spent at home the happiest part of your day. The best practice would be to include some luxurious elements to make your place truly special. Elegant, sumptuous pieces would enhance the special atmosphere of your home, and create a lively and welcoming environment. Unfortunately, finding these perfect furnishing accents might be quite a challenge and, in this regard, here are some great tips to help you make the ideal luxury furniture choice for your house. 1) Make the right theme a priority Choosing the right theme for your luxury interior decoration is probably the most important aspect and something you should always start with. This theme will be the prime motive for all the following furnishing decisions. Will it be a minimalistic look? Or, would you prefer a vintage vibe to match the architecture? All the luxury furniture you buy will have to agree with the chosen décor theme. You should also keep the existing furniture in mind while looking for new pieces. Since it may be a little overwhelming, hiring an interior designer could be a great solution. 2) Contrast is the key One of the most important features of luxury furniture is to stand out. A very well-known fact in the foundation design principle is that contrast brings interest and organization to your interior design. You can easily achieve a “wow” effect by using unusual colors, shapes, and textures. Plan your space out in neutral tones – beige, white, off-white - and then add a few bright color accents to immediately grab attention. You can also achieve a similar effect by combing different styles like contemporary and vintage to create an unforgettable look that will captivate and impress. There are a few classic furnishing elements that will surely add extra chic to your living space. One of the easiest to include in a room is a luxury chair. A perfect accent chair combines multiple elements in one: practicality, engineering, and, on top of all, art. It pulls those special heartstrings no other piece of furniture does and it adds ways more than an additional seat – it adds the entire mood. That is why you have to be especially prudent in selecting the right one. At La Casa, we distribute chairs made from premium materials with exclusivity in mind and we are always happy to help you make the best choice. Another amazing component that could set the right tone for the room is the luxury sofa. It usually turns out to be a true focal point of the living space so make sure to decide on something that is not just cozy and functional but also provides extra style to the entire setting. If you are not quite sure which type of sofa is going to be the perfect one for you, our experts at La Casa will gladly assist you in this complex matter. 3) It is all about being individual Try and think of the last time you visited someone’s home for the first time. What impression has that place had on you? Have you learned something about that person just from taking a glance at his living space? Luxurious furniture gives you the freedom to create your own specific design that would not be possible to find anywhere else. So, use this opportunity to stand out among others, demonstrate your impeccable taste and make the right impression. 4) Harmonize comfort, functionality, and aesthetics Luxury furniture is more than just wealth and extravagance. You should also look for the balance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Make sure to go through a few different arrangements before settling in for the ideal one. Another great tip - always try before buying. The furniture may look splendid, but what use of it if it is not comfortable? To cap it all, luxury is a very broad concept and a matter of perspective. What others find luxurious may not be the same for you and vice versa. So, the only true benchmark in choosing these special furnishing pieces should be your inner peace and happiness.