How To Choose A Crystal Chandelier

Chandeliers are an aesthetic that is often show-stopping. For homeowners looking for that final finishing touch that brings the whole room together, this is the perfect centrepiece. They can be made of various materials, but those that use crystal are particularly stunning and elegant.

You will find that there are multiple designs to choose from when you visit a top crystal chandelier store in Thailand. These vast options can be confusing when what you want is something that suits the rest of the interior. Here are some useful tips on how to make the right choice of crystal chandelier that will provide that chic look you so desire.

  1. Size

    Size proportions matter when choosing a crystal chandelier. Here are a few guidelines to follow when considering this aspect.

    • Dining Room and Kitchen

      Keep a generous radius of at least 4 feet from the walls. It should also be at least 1 foot narrower than the dining table’s width. This will prevent guests from knocking their heads against it when sitting and rising. Chandeliers in these spaces will typically hang above tables and counters. Since there is no one walking beneath, it can be hung a bit lower, but no less than 67 inches above the floor.

    • Living Room and Entryways

      In places where the chandelier will have people walking underneath, ensure that the base piece is at least 80 inches above the floor. This should be just above the height of average door frames, thus making it unlikely anyone walking in will end up colliding with the chandelier. However, if you have residents or regular visitors that are taller than this, elevate the chandelier high enough they have no problem walking underneath.

      For optimal sizing of the chandelier’s width, add the width and length of the room in feet. Take the result and you have the maximum width of your chandelier in inches.

  2. Style

    Consider the overall décor theme you are going for and what style of chandelier best complements it. There are ornate crystal chandeliers, while others are minimalist. Some will hang down in tiers, while others will have a flatter shape. Do you want subdued, or desire attention-grabbing? A visit to a luxury crystal chandelier store should provide you with enough variation that you can find a style that meets your design goals.

    It is also worth noting that some designers can be eclectic. This means furnishings and fixtures do not necessarily have to complement each other. They can also contrast. Your choice will depend on what visual you are going for.

    Also, consider the style of mounting. For higher ceilings adding some length to the chain can help bring the chandelier lower, making it easier to spot and admire. With lower ceilings, you can have the chain shortened so the chandelier hangs higher, or opt for styles that suit flush mounting.

  3. Colour

    Crystal chandeliers can be acquired in a variety of hues. This can include gold, red, green, and blue. It is not just the crystals, but also the metal framework that can be coloured. This is a tricky proposition for many interior designers.

    If you intend to keep the chandelier for a long time, it may limit how flexibly you can update the rest of the décor in the room with time. You will be forced to stick to colours that complement the one on the chandelier. On the other hand, clear crystal chandeliers against silver metal complement just about any décor. They offer great range when it comes to updating the décor later.

    When choosing a colour, go for what complements the décor in the room best. Also factor in future changes you want to make and if changing the chandelier as well will be within your budget.

  4. Lighting

    How well a crystal chandelier illuminates a room is determined by the number of bulbs and their wattage. For standard-sized rooms that have chandeliers with 6-8 arms, 40W bulbs are good enough. Where you have more arms, you will need to lower the power of the bulbs.

    For larger rooms, you should consider flush-mounted and wider chandeliers that can cast their light better over a larger area. You may also want to consider installing more than one chandelier if the room is of grander proportions.

    Another consideration may be to use LEDs that are dimmable and have your chandelier installed with a dimmer switch. This gives you better control over illumination, especially in smaller spaces.