Wild Wonder, a beautiful barley shade, is Dulux's Colour of the Year for 2023. – and it will help us reconnect with nature



It’s time to look at the colour trends for 2023. The colours we use in our homes strongly reflect our personalities and style. While some people gravitate towards timeless and classic paint colours others want to go a bit bolder by adding vibrant colour tones to their homes.


Each year, the colour experts from all the leading paint brands in the world choose their Colour of the Year and publish their Colour Forecast. Often choosing one trending colour accompanied by a colour palette with hues that perfectly complement the Colour of the Year. 


Paint company Dulux has chosen Wild Wonder as their Colour of the Year 2023. Wild Wonder is a natural yellow hue that will help you bring the outdoors in. 

Wild Wonder refers to the feeling of freedom in nature (Wild) and the natural magic that surrounds us (Wonder). Nature is at the heart of the 2023 Dulux colour trends as they have also chosen four complimentary colour palettes packed with (natural) shades that can be combined with Wild Wonder.


Wild Wonder, a soft gold with green undertones, captures the wonders of the earth, inspires creativity, and brings a sense of nature's magic to our living and working spaces. With an upbeat glow and inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops, Wild Wonder connects us with the magic of nature and aims to bring a sense of energy and positivity into the home. Much like the changing seasons of nature, the beauty of this warm neutral hue is that it's both a golden green and warm yellow gold, depending on the light it's in.



We all know that spending time in green spaces can benefit both our mental and physical well-being, and bringing nature into our lifestyles (growing your food, gardening, exercising outdoors, etc.) can have a positive effect on our mood. Taking steps to bring the outside in can enhance our sense of well-being, which is why the uplifting, natural tone of Wild Wonder can work brilliantly in the home.



Nurture and nature

A home with a connection to the outdoors has become vital to our well-being. Technology has provided us with new freedom; we no longer need to live in the cities and the suburbs to work – allowing us the move to rural settings where we can reconnect with nature. We look for sustainability, authenticity and meaning in the items we choose to connect to and surround ourselves with at home. Decor has a raw beauty featuring imperfections to honour the process of making.



Dulux also has curated four accompanying colour palettes – Lush (forest hues), Buzz (meadow brights), Raw (harvest shades) and Flow (seashore tones) – to inspire and facilitate decorating projects for every room in the home.


Wild Wonder is supported by four colour palettes



These deep and rich colours add a warm and slightly earthy tone to a room. A warm yellow is also very versatile. In modern homes, it adds warmth and colour. And for period homes it enhances the historic feeling of the home as it’s a shade that has been used in homes for centuries.  


Trends-Inspired Furniture 2023


Every season brings a wind of change and new inspirations, celebrating each living space with individuality. This time, aesthetic freedom is expressed in furniture collections full of innovations and design creativity to help you decorate in style. The curated selection of furniture trends for 2023 was developed to impress design enthusiasts and inspire them to match the colour trend of the year. Complement living space with the new designs, accomplishing an atmosphere of nature and stylish comfort. Solid design, innovative techniques, and soulful craftsmanship create an exclusive signature to any demanding interior. Let your ideas sparkle, boosting vibrant energy in each corner of the house. 

One of the biggest trends we're seeing is a move toward sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek products that will have a minimal environmental impact. In turn, there will also be an emphasis on simpler, more refined designs, Rohr says. Clean lines and muted colours are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to create a sense of calm in their homes



On a somewhat related note, curved furnishings will continue to shine in 2023. "Mixing clean-lined pieces with curved silhouettes creates tension and drama.



Vintage-inspired furniture is also expected to make a comeback. With the recent popularity of mid-century modern design, it's no surprise that retro-inspired pieces will return in style. 

People won't be afraid to go bold in 2023. Many clients are not afraid of colour and are open to creating more impactful interiors. For those, the trend will be experimenting with colour, patterns, and unique, eye-catching pieces that become the focal point of a room." So if you've had your eye on a vibrant, outside-the-box piece for some time, 2023 may be the year to scoop it up once and for all! noting that pattern in particular will be major en vogue. From stripes to hand-blocked prints to vintage-inspired, pattern brings depth and interest to upholstery.



Tip: It’s important to know that interior design trends in 2023 come in many different styles. Expert consultation can help design which trends match your personal style!

Discover how Wild Wonder™ can bring the magic of nature into your home. 

Coordinating furnishings and accessories in the same shade add the perfect finishing touch. Wild Wonder™ and its four easy-to-use colour palettes can help you feel the magic of nature in any room. For inspiration and expert tips, La Casa International takes great pleasure in helping our clients find the perfect choice of décor, in whatever style is desired. We handle any and all import and export details so clients can have easy access to exclusive luxury furniture brands where needed. Through our extensive network of specialist designers from all over the world, we are capable of finding or creating any piece that will complement your preferred aesthetic.


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